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    Choosing the right watersports rope and handle.

    S-Lines Waterski Ropes for sale, Watersports Warehouse, Cape Town

    Gone are the days of using one rope and handle for all activities. Just like finding the right oil for your car, it’s essential to choose the right rope and handle combo for the specific watersport activity you’re doing. Whether you’re waterskiing, tubing, or wakeboarding, the right gear can enhance your performance and ensure safety. Read on to discover the perfect rope and handle setup for your needs on the water.

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    Wetsuit Thickness and Water Temperature Guide.

    Wetsuits from Watersports Warehouse in Cape Town, South Africa

    Are you wondering about the right wetsuit thickness for your needs? Unsure which suit is suitable for the water temperature you’ll be in? Curious about terms like “3/2 wetsuit”? Look no further! We’ve put together a guide to help you find the right suit thickness based on the water temperature that you plan on being in. We’ve included some charts tailored to each water sport to help you in making an informed decision.

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    8 Slalom Water Skiing Drills to Elevate Your Performance

    In every sport, athletes dedicate a significant amount of time to practicing drills as an essential part of their training. Slalom water skiing is no different, skiers can benefit greatly from incorporating drills into their routine to reinforce fundamental moves and improve their skills. However, many water skiers have neglected drills in favor of other off-water training activities.

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    The 4 Health Benefits of Water Skiing

    Health benefits of water skiing

    Good for your health: Get Fit and Have Fun!

    Water skiing is an exhilarating sport that’s gaining popularity worldwide. In Canada for example, over 45% of adults under 18 and 35% of those aged 18-29 participate in this activity. While some do it just for fun or as their sport of choice, others partake in it for the health benefits it provides.

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    Improve your slalom water skiing with these tips.

    Watersports Warehouse, Cape Town

    What size slalom ski should I use?

    When choosing a slalom ski, the ski length should be based on your weight, skiing speed, and skill level. For faster speeds and lighter skiers, a shorter ski is recommended, while heavier skiers and slower speeds require a longer ski. In the slalom course, a ski that’s too long can make it difficult to turn, while a ski that’s too short can slow you down or cause you to sink in turns.

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    Watersports Tow Ropes


    The standard length of a recreational waterski rope is usually about 21.3m, including a 1.5m handle. For general water skiing, the rope & handle needs to have some stretch. This is important as it makes the pull of the boat more forgiving at high speeds and reduces the shock to your arms from any slack in the rope. For general water skiing, the rope and handle should have some stretch.

    Image link to Airhead 1 Section Eva Grip Ski Rope
    masterline easy up 5 section waterski rope package for sale Watersports Warehouse, Cape Town

    The type of handle you use for water skiing depends on your ability & skiing style. A handle with a long vee section makes deep water starts easier for beginner slalom skiers by keeping the ski steady as the boat pulls away. A short vee handle is better for experienced skiers as it has less roll & gives you a more consistent pull from the boat. The grip on a waterski handle should also suit the type of skiing you intend to do. A soft EVA foam grip is very comfortable & great if you don’t have gloves, but a tackier brushed grip handle gives you far better grip & is a lot more durable.

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    Picking the Right Waterski’s

    Waterskiing is one of the most fun and rewarding activities you can do on the water, and in South Africa there are many fantastic places to get out and enjoy a good ski. There are different types and sizes of waterski’s and if you’re relatively new to it, it can seem quite daunting or frustrating.

    To help speed up the process or for those looking for more information on waterskis, we’ve put together this handy guide to give you the fundamentals of what to look for in a water ski.

    How Do I Find the Right Size Waterski?

    Below we’ll break down all aspects of skis, from quick tips and different types of water skis, to sizing, shape and skier type – all to help make the process of getting the right ski easier, and your time on the water more enjoyable

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    KD Skis Arriving In South Africa This Week

    KD Skis has Landed on South African Shores

    For the past few months Watersports Warehouse have been working on importing  a new waterski brand which has been taking the international tournament water ski scene by storm. However they don’t just cater for the tournament water skiers.. they have an amazingly in depth range of skis with the latest tech and advancements to cater for everyone’s needs.

    Terry Winter has been developing the KD Platinum slalom ski for the past 2 years which got him into 41 0ff (10.25m) 24 times in competition this past season. His most consistent season as of yet. We also seeing Big name skiers  such as Jimmy Siemers joining the team. Continue reading KD Skis Arriving In South Africa This Week