rental of kitesurfing, wakeboarding, foils or waterski and wetsuits


Watersports Warehouse is your one stop rentals shop for all your water sports equipment. Our rentals include kitesurfing equipment, kiteboards, Water ski, Wakeboard and Wing Foiling equipment. We also rent out wetsuits, Impact Vests and life jackets to keep you warm and protected out on the water.

Why struggle with airline excess baggage, when you can rent your holiday watersports equipment directly from us.

Stuck on no wind days, come and hire a SUP and a wetsuit. We are conveniently based in Sunset Beach, Cape Town closed to some of the best kite surfing in the world.

Kitesurfing Equipment Rentals

Kite Rentals
Kiteboard Rentals
Harness Rentals
Package deal (Board, harness, wetsuit and kite)
Package deal for longer than 3 days (Board, harness, wetsuit and kite)
R 750.00 per day
R 450.00 per day
R 225.00 per day
R1500.00 per day
R1200.00 per day
Wetsuit RentalR150.00 per day
Wakeboard Rentals

Waterski Rentals
R500.00 per day

R500.00 per day

Longer term rentals are also available so give us a call, drop us an email or stop by the shop and we’ll happily assist you with pricing that suits your needs.