Inflatable SUP

Stand up paddle boards are hugely popular and in particular, inflatable SUP’s. They deflate into a manageable size for taking with you on your adventures.

Inflatable SUP’s are for the active and outdoor lifestyle. Buy your inflatable SUP today from Watersports Warehouse Cape Town.

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    Showing all 13 results

    Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards, were once considered a novelty among SUP boards, but have evolved over the years and have become the new normal and the starting point when shopping for a paddle board. Here are seven comparison points to guide your decision on whether to purchase an inflatable SUP or a hard board:

    1. Inflatable paddleboards have been proven over time to be more durable than epoxy SUPs.
    2. Inflatable SUPs don't hurt as much when you fall on them.
    3. A softer deck reduces fatigue.
    4. Inflatables are lighter, and a lighter board gets used more.
    5. Blow up boards can be checked in on an airplane for travel.
    6. Hard boards take up a lot of storage space.
    7. Inflatables Perform Better In Varied Settings.

    So you've decided on an Inflatable tube, but not sure which to get? Give us a call, or have a look at our blog article guiding your purchase decision of which SUP to buy.