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Wetsuit Thickness and Water Temperature Guide.

Wetsuits from Watersports Warehouse in Cape Town, South Africa

Are you wondering about the right wetsuit thickness for your needs? Unsure which suit is suitable for the water temperature you’ll be in? Curious about terms like “3/2 wetsuit”? Look no further! We’ve put together a guide to help you find the right suit thickness based on the water temperature that you plan on being in. We’ve included some charts tailored to each water sport to help you in making an informed decision.

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“How to” Wakesurf Guide

Wakesurfing is a sport that can be done on just about any open body of water, and some say that it’s been around since as early as the 1920’s. The sport only really gained its popularity thou in the 1960’s by a couple surfboard companies who claimed to have made wake-specific boards. Wake surfing is an extreme sport that requires balance, strength and coordination, but can be enjoyed by almost anyone. We’ve put together a beginner-friendly guide that will teach you all about wake surfing and get you up and riding.

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Watersports Tow Ropes


The standard length of a recreational waterski rope is usually about 21.3m, including a 1.5m handle. For general water skiing, the rope & handle needs to have some stretch. This is important as it makes the pull of the boat more forgiving at high speeds and reduces the shock to your arms from any slack in the rope. For general water skiing, the rope and handle should have some stretch.

Image link to Airhead 1 Section Eva Grip Ski Rope
masterline easy up 5 section waterski rope package for sale Watersports Warehouse, Cape Town

The type of handle you use for water skiing depends on your ability & skiing style. A handle with a long vee section makes deep water starts easier for beginner slalom skiers by keeping the ski steady as the boat pulls away. A short vee handle is better for experienced skiers as it has less roll & gives you a more consistent pull from the boat. The grip on a waterski handle should also suit the type of skiing you intend to do. A soft EVA foam grip is very comfortable & great if you don’t have gloves, but a tackier brushed grip handle gives you far better grip & is a lot more durable.

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Wakesurfer review

Come to the the dam says Cam, “I’ve got some wakesurfers that I need to test”… That’s a great way to start any day, so I duly obliged. Turns out he wanted to see how a very average rider, and a very experienced rider, enjoyed his latest range of wakesurfers. I wasn’t confused about my role.

But anyway, onto the boards.

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F-One IC6 Hydrofoils in Cape Town South Africa

F-one Foils kitesurfing and wakeboard


F-One IC6 Version 2 Hydrofoils have just been released and are now available. 

Hydrofoiling and hydrofoils are the biggest craze in the Watersports industry at the moment and we seeing them being implemented into all facets, whether it be Kitesurfing , Windsurfing , wakeboarding, SUPing, Yachting.

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