Why risk it, protect your most important asset with a styling helmet!!!

At Watersports Warehouse we stock wakeboarding, kiting and foiling helmets from Follow Wake, Mystic, AK and Ride Engine.

We also stock a variety of Surf Hats  & Caps to protect you from Sun and the elements.

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    Showing all 2 results

    The role of a helmet:

    In any extreme sports it is important to protect the brain and this is where the helmet comes in. Injury occurs when a person gets a skull fracture exposing the brain or where bone fragments or other objects penetrate vulnerable brain tissue. The human skull is generally quite resilient and does a great job protecting our brains in normal everyday life. But any athlete or extreme sport enthusiast will push their bodies to higher limits. Whenever you add speed, you multiply the force exponentially. So if you double your speed you increase the force by the square, four times the force, if you triple your speed you have 9 times the force produced. That means that if you fall and hit your head while jogging at 5mph, your skull can probably handle it, but what if you triple your speed to 15 mph, and now your skull has to deal with 9x that force. What about at 30 mph? At 30mph you are traveling at 6 times the speed of the jogger, and now if you fall on your head, your skull will be subjected to 36 times the force. It is just physics.