Watersports Warehouse was the first shop in Cape Town to bring the Mystic product range to the Cape shores. We continue to offer the widest and most extensive range of Mystic products available to South Africa.

What began as a rebellion of kite culture 20 years ago has turned into reinventing the experience for most of the water world. Today, Mystic makes up a diverse alliance of kiteboarders, windsurfers, wakeboarders, and surfers hailing from all corners of the world.

Mystic has helped shaped some of the most insane riders–and they are the backbone to our most iconic products. By combining the expertise of our riders and our spirit of innovation, we’ve pushed the evolution of water sports

Mystic range includes kitesurfing harnesses, wetsuits, impact vests, travel board bags, ponchos and general accessories.

Mystic boarding is the world’s leading water sports accessory brand, specialising in technologically advanced products which have been tried and tested by the world’s top watermen. It is a Dutch brand which originated from wanting to bring high quality kitesurfing harnesses and wetsuits to the market. They now offer a vast and extensive line of products that cater for kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding and standup paddle surfing (SUP’ing) alike.

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Showing 1–16 of 47 results