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Watersports Warehouse offers the ultimate in control and connection to the boat with our extensive collection of wake ropes & handles. It’s time to elevate your style and maximize your performance behind the boat with one of the premium wakeboard rope and handle packages.

Unleash your true potential and ride with confidence today. Our wide range of top-quality products ensures you stay in command and perform at your best. Trust unparalleled reliability and performance from wakeboarding brands like Masterline, O’Brien, Connelly, Ronix, and Airhead.

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    Showing all 12 results

    What's the Difference Between a Wakeboard Rope and Water Ski Rope?

    • The handle size and grip.  A Wake Handles will usually be 2-3 inches larger allowing for an easier handle pass behind the back.
    • The Wakeboard Handle material has progressed allowing the rider to go glove free.  Made from enhanced materials the handles are designed to not only give you a comfortable grip but also allow for advanced tricks.  The Water Ski handle will be smaller, and are made from a rubbery material that might call for a gloves.
    •  The elasticity of the ropes.  You can use a water ski rope for wakeboarding, but the advanced riders will want to stay away from doing this.  A water ski rope will have more stretch in the line giving 1-3 percent depending on the load.  The Wake Ropes made out of spectra material will have virtually zero stretch allowing for a consistent ride. This makes advance inverts and spins easier and more predictable.

    So there is value in getting a wakeboard-specific rope; it's going to improve your performance and make wakeboarding way more fun. Want more info? Read our blog Choosing the right watersports rope and handle.