Watersports Warehouse has a big range of waterski gloves available for everyone to keep your hands fresh for longer whilst you ride or swerve away behind the water ski boat or hitting the kickers in the cable park.

Whether you’re a free rider or competitive skier, Watersports Warehouse in Cape Town has the right set of ski gloves for you!

    Showing all 10 results

    Showing all 10 results

    Ski Gloves Fit

    The correct fit  is very important for a number of reasons. Properly sized water ski gloves provide greater dexterity, warmth and comfort. For the best performance out of your water ski gloves, they should fit very snugly and not bunch up in the palm of your hand when clinching your fist. If they do, switch them out for the next size down and try again.

    Our range of are from the leading brands in water skiing, D3 Skis Connelly, Masterline, HO Sports, O'Brien and Radar.