Spreader Bars

Spreader bars are the vital connection point between the kite and your harness. Whether you’re looking to upgrade or replace some worn out parts. Watersports Warehouse carries a wide range of Spreader Bars, accessories, replacement ropes and parts for all your kite harness needs.

Our range is stocked from the brands Mystic, Ride Engine and Manera.

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    Showing 1–16 of 21 results

    Fixed Hook vs Slider Spreader Bar

    A Fixed Hook is the traditional spreader bar setup and is what most riders opt for, however, for certain types of riders there are distinct advantages to using a Rope Slider spreader bar.

    Fixed Hook is best for:

    • Big-air riders.• Free riders wanting the most direct feel from the kite• Hydrofoil riders that want to have the ability to leverage against the hook.• Beginner riders.

    Rope Slider is best for:

    Kitesurfers wanting the closest-to-surfing feel • Freeride hydrofoilers.• Riders using a directional board.• Freeriders that love to ride toeside.