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    Which Waterski to buy?

    Buying the right waterski depends on a number of factors, your skill level, age, weight, boat speed, and the type of waterskiing you plan on doing. Beginners start with a pair of combo skis and young children on trainer skis. As you become more advanced you can progress on a slalom ski. Want more info??? We've written a handy guide to give you the fundamentals of what to look for in a water ski.

    We only stock Water Ski Brands that we have used and trust. We provide warranty support on all new equipment, and general support on everything in our store.


    Need more Waterski advice?  Check out all the various Waterski articles that we've written. Otherwise drop by our shop, we'll gladly assist.

    Waterski Lessons

    Need some help in getting started on the water? Or wanting to improve your current skills? Why not book some Water Ski Lessons with one of our experienced instructors.

    Our instructors are multiple time All African Water ski Champions, South African Waterskiing Champions and have competed in water ski competitions all over the world! Yet our passion for the sport remains as strong as ever.