We stock market leading Hydrofoils from F-one and Slingshot.

Whether you Kite, SUP / Surf, use a surf wing or foil behind a boat we have a hydrofoil setup for you.. Come and talk to us, we have the equipment and the experience to guide you and get you ripping.

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    Showing all 12 results


    Keep in mind that your setup will vary depending on your skill level, your weight, the conditions, and your chosen program.


    The Aspect Ratio (AR) is key to understanding how foils are constructed, and it should be your first guide in choosing a front wing.

    The AR is the ratio between surface area and wingspan.

    Overall, foils with a low- to mid- AR will be a bit thicker and rounder. They are more stable, turn and pivot well, have plenty of lift, and will help you take-off easily at low speeds or in low wind conditions. Those with a high AR will be thinner and longer, and thus produce less induced drag. They are highly efficient and will provide a lot of glide and speed.

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