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Watersports Warehouse carries a large range of kite and kiteboarding accessories  for all your needs ranging from Pumps, leashes, Hook knifes, replacement lines to safety leashes and everything in between.

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    Showing all 5 results

    Kiteboard Accessories can be found here (Fins, straps,  & more) from Mystic, Manera, Ride Engine and F-One.

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    Safety Kitesurf Hook Knife, a must to have in your sessions

    You should always bring with you a safety kite line knife when you go out on the water: here is why. The kitesurf hook knife is an important safety tool every kiter should have while out in the water. It is a mandatory precaution that could save your life in emergencies, and too often during entry kitesurfing lessons it is not properly introduced, and its use might seem even irrelevant.

    Some riders correctly never go out on a session without it. Others don't consider it necessary, while others, especially not instructed beginners, aren't even aware of its existence.

    Why is the kitesurf hook knife important?

    The kitesurf knife is used to cut the kite lines in case of emergency. There are several situations where it is better just to 'give it a cut'.

    The easiest imaginable situation is when you get tangled in the lines for some reason, and the kite is still powered: the risk of a restart and consequent tension on lines would lead to probable cuts on any wrapped body part. That is sufficient to consider a drastic measure.