F-One IC6 Foil Wing & Mast


New for 2018 the Fone IC6 850 V1 kitesurf Hydrofoil. F-ONE’s unique experience in foiling has now been gathered into the most accessible and versatile package ever, combining early and super smooth take-off, impressive control and maneuverability, with the speed range that anyone should expect from a versatile foil.




IC6 Injected Carbon
The IC6 technology enables to mix carbon fibers with an injected base material to reach a unique blend of characteristics, combining the strength of carbon fibers with a bombproof base material. The IC6 technology offers great resistance and stiffness with extreme durability.

F-ONE kitefoils are equipped with the fully conical KF-BOX. Its shape makes it easy to connect and fits well with the thickness of the kite boards due to its moderate height. The KF-BOX offers a perfect, tight support.

Aluminium 6061
This aluminium alloy boasts some very good mechanical properties and can be processed in many different ways while also offering a natural resistance to corrosion. Produced from an extrusion process, our aluminium profiles make the most of this homogeneous material to provide perfect stiffness both in torsion and bending. All areas in contact with other metals or carbon parts are duly isolated against galvanic reactions.

The front wing is built around an aluminium core. The robust FCD connector is 100% metal and precision milled for a perfect fit.

Available with a 90cm or 65cm mast, the IC6 850 foil will please beginners and experiences riders alike. Choose the 65cm for a faster learning curve or the 90cm version for maximum versatility.

  • Early and super smooth take off
  • Very stable and predictable ride
  • Amazing carving potential
  • Versatile with great speed range

Besides early lift, the wing design offers a very smooth and predictable ride. The carving possibilities are endless on this very user-friendly package with maximum fun potential.

The construction focuses on reliability with aluminium used for the mast, mast foot, fuselage and front wing connector. The wings built in iC6 injected carbon are extremely resistant while providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

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