Surf / SUP foiling

Surf / SUP foiling is an exciting brand new surf sport, opening up new possibilities in the surf or in the ocean. Whether you plan to ride waves on our surf / SUP foils, or epic downwinders on our surf / SUP foil setup, we at Watersports Warehouse have you covered.

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    Showing all 16 results


    Mastering the art of foil surfing will take some time and no one can tell where this new form of wave riding will lead or how the technology will evolve in the future. Currently, the trend is long rides on small waves that would normally leave you on the beach. If you find yourself riding in small waves, perfecting the hop/glide and cut back are key to long rides. The hop and glide allows you to bring your foil wings higher and ride the momentum down and continue your ride even without a wave present. The trick here is to suck your knees up high as you can and then glide for a short period. If you can do this a couple times in succession you can start your momentum and glide for a longer periods. Don't hop on the board but rather suck your knees up then ride it out to keep maximum momentum without any interruption. Cutbacks are another great way to stay on the foil without a powerful wave. By cutting back and forth across the powerful part of the wave you can retain your momentum without outrunning the wave. By using these techniques and having a keen eye to find the next small bump you will find yourself riding until your legs give out.

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