We teach Kitesurfing, WaterskiingWakeboardingSlalom skingWakesurfing and Foiling. Plus we are now teaching the new and exciting sport of Wing Surfing

Our highly experienced coaches will put together a package to suit you, based on your experience. There is no “one size fits all” approach; foils, kites, waterskis, all equipment will all be tailored to you and your needs. Contact us to start your lessons today!

We at Watersports Warehouse are geared to teach each & everyone of you – from beginners who just want to experience the fun of watersports, right through to the most advanced competitive skier looking to improve their skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do on the day?

Bring sunscreen, water, towel… Arrive 30 minutes before your lesson.

Where do the lessons take place?

Our lessons take place in and around the Cape Town area. Contact us for more details on locations.

What if the weather is bad on the day?

We will reschedule your lesson if the weather is bad on the day.

Our Cancellation policy?

You will get a full refund of any monies paid, provided you cancel 24 hours before your lesson is due. If you cancel within the 24 hr period your card may be charged a cancellation fee. If you “no show” to your appointment you will be charged the full amount.

Cameron Rein has over 35 years of tournament water skiing experience. He was the youngest tournament waterskier in the country and has represented South Africa internationally on numerous occasions in tournaments. He is a highly competitive wakeboarder having travelled and competed on the South African Wakeboard Tour for several years.

Cameron began kitesurfing / kiteboarding in 2002 as the sport begun in South Africa. He is an accomplished kitesurfer and strapless wave rider, plus an accomplished SUPer. He has recently taken up foiling and the new sport of “wing surfing”. All equipment entering Watersports Warehouse gets a thorough test from Cameron!

Simon Fairbank has over 25 years of tournament water skiing experience. He has represented South Africa  internationally in water ski competitions all over the world and has been the All African and South African champion numerous times over the years in the various waterskiing various disciplines. He has spent many years coaching overseas in Europe.

Simon is also a keen kitesurfer and enjoys wake foiling and wing surfing.

Gianluca is an IKO Kitesurfing Instructor with a  Sound Engineering degree.

A qualified sound engineer with a passion for kite surfing and board sports, Gianluca is currently a Citizen of the World … living by the philosophy … travel while you are young … travel while you can, and what better job satisfaction could there be out there than teaching what you love, and getting to see the world whilst doing it. Gianluca has taught kite boarding in South Africa, Zanzibar and Tarifa, Spain as well as snowboarding in Zakapane, Poland.  When he’s not out on the water, he follows his other passion which is Music and plays the drums and guitar for a local band. He’s a passionate kiter and a patient instructor who’s always just as stoked as his students are.

All our “lake” lessons take place behind an inboard tournament ski boat. We use either a Mastercraft, or a Ski Nautique. The ski boats are configured both waterski, wakeboarding / wakesurfing and the initial foil lessons. We have some fat sacs and wake shapers to produce a great wake to help you pull off all your tricks

Being a specialist watersports retailer, we stock the latest equipment, so your lessons will only be on state of the art equipment. You will be learning on some of the best equipment from the likes of Airhead, Radar, KD KIdder, O’Brien and Connelly for Waterski / Wake and F-One for foils, Surf Wings and kiting equipment.

It generally takes 3-4 sessions to progress from complete beginner to up and riding on the board, if you are doing private lessons.

You may need additional sessions before you can confidently ride both ways, staying upwind, returning to where you launched

Progression of skill through your Lessons

  • Safety
  • Know your equipment.
  • Basic kite flying (on the beach)
  • Launching / landing your kite (on the beach)
  • Water relaunch
  • Self rescue
  • Body dragging without your board
  • Body dragging staying upwind
  • Body dragging with your board
  • Water starting
  • Your first ride on the board.
  • More Board theory
  • Riding both ways
  • Edging and staying upwind
  • Riding independently

Beginner lessons.

Our aim is to get you up and riding on your first lesson. However, everyone learns at their own pace, so it’s impossible to provide any guarantees.

Typically most people take only 1 lesson to get up on 2 ski’s. Wakeboarders and Wakesurfers also tend to get out the water on their first lesson.

Foiling is more complex, and very dependent on what other skills you possess (Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, etc). But we still aim to get you up and riding on your initial lesson. For this reason these sessions are usually a little longer. We have a variety of foils, boards and wakesurfers to assist and guide you, no matter what your experience

Intermediate and Advanced Lessons. 

We typically run 2 x 15 minute sessions in a intermediate or advanced class. There’s a 5 to 10 minute break in the boat between sessions. This may sound short, and many people have questioned this. You may even ski for longer while doing your normal recreational ski, but trust us – this session will not be your normal session. Our aim is to push you to another level. 15 minutes on the water, is 15 minutes pushing yourself to another level. You will be tired; if you are a beginner, or haven’t skied for a while, you will be sore the next day.