Kite Foiling

Have you ever wanted to cruise effortlessly above the water? Instead of a big kite and a twin tip, get a Kite Foiling setup. Once you get a good feeling of your foil board, you will soon realise that as long as the kite can stay in the air, you can ride upwind, downwind and have much more fun than the traditional kite surfing.

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Showing 1–16 of 18 results

Hydrofoiling is possibly the most exciting and fastest-growing style of kitesurfing. A hydrofoil consists of a wing that is mounted onto a tall mast, which connects to the board. The wing provides lift which in turn makes the board lift completely out of the water for maximum efficiency, sometimes with the board floating up to one Meter above the surface!

One of the stand-out benefits of kite foiling is that it allows you to ride in much lighter winds than any other discipline, also the physical impact on the body is much lower in this discipline allowing people of a wider age range to ride and enjoy kiteboarding.

What Does It Feel Like To Ride A Hydrofoil?

Some people compare the feeling of hydrofoil to riding a magic carpet as you hover above the water on your board! Some others say it's just like floating on a cloud. Not having your board touching the water or hearing the water splash on the sides might be a bit unsettling at first, but when you get the hang of it the feeling of hydrofoil is highly addictive. Soon, you will be craving the occasional whistling of the foil as it slices through the water and creates pure joy on your face!

Our kite foiling equipment is from F-one and Slingshot