Slingshot Wake and Kitesurfing equipment available at Watersports Warehouse

    We stock Slingshot Kitesurfing, Wakeboard and Hydrofoiling equipment, plus we stock Ride Engine harnesses, impact vests, wetsuits and accessories.

    For Slingshot it’s all about fun on the water. Experiment, experience, innovate but above all push the limits and have fun on the water. Founded in 1999, and based in Hood River, the mecca of wind powered sports in the USA, Slingshot have the conditions to truly live their brand. We couldn’t find a better company to share our Cape Town values with.

    This is what Slingshot say about themselves.

    “We are explorers. Adventures. Tinkerers. Inventors. Free Spirits. We weave the art of power into wind, water & waves as a way of life. It is in our blood. We value quality and innovation, and after a hard day’s work, we enjoy the products we make. True happiness comes when someone uses one of our products to invent a new move, create a movement or change a sport…creating their own art! That is super cool.” We agree!

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    Showing 1–16 of 52 results