Wave Boards

Wave riding is attracting all kinds of people because of the sheer thrill behind riding waves on a directional wave board, or a surfboard and doing something different other than kiteboarding on a twin tip. If you have never tried riding a kitesurfing wave board we highly recommend trying it out. Watersports Warehouse has everything you need for all your Kitesurfing and Wave riding needs.

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    Showing all 3 results

    Even if you are an experienced kite surfer, you will soon find out that riding a directional wave board involves new techniques and sensations that make this discipline so unique and addictive.

    Strapless, or with straps, we have a setup to suit you. We also stock freestyle directional boards.

    To ride Strapless or with Foot straps?

    Straps Advantages

    • Easier to keep the board on your feet going over broken waves
    • The board stays on your feet when you launch off a wave crest
    • The board stays on your feet if you get lofted or fly the kite high
    • Easier to do a water start. The footstraps enable you to position and attach the board on your feet.

    Straps Disadvantages

    • Reduces the positions you can place your feet

    • Makes jibing more difficult

    • Riding with one foot in the front strap and the rear foot out when going upwind increases the risk of a twisting knee injury to your leading knee if you have a bad crash

    • It can be difficult to relocate your rear foot in the strap when you are setting up for a wave, particularly when riding toeside.

    Strapless Advantages
    • You can place your feet in the optimum position for both surfing waves and going upwind

    • You can move your feet easily without having to put them in or take them out of foot straps

    • Your board cannot damage your knees or ankles by twisting them

    Strapless Disadvantages

    • If you fly your kite high, launch of a wave lip or broken white water, you will come off the board

    • Water starts are more difficult until you learn the technique to perfect them

    • When you wipeout your board is loose in the waves and can collide with and injure you