Ride Engine

ride engine

Developed to provide the best fit, maintain position and offer maximum comfort while riding, the Ride Engine Armor hard-shell harness has revolutionised the waist harness industry!

Being the first armour hardshell harness on the market, Ride Engine is the frontrunner for developing a whole new type of kiteboarding harnesses.

The rigid construction of the harness fits nicely into the back, preventing it from sliding up. It also allows the harness to be a lot narrower, which means no more bruising on the hips or ribs. The new 2018 model has Fusion Foam padding in the back, which is super comfortable and improves the overall feel of the harness.

The harness comes in a Hex Core or Carbon version, and is fitted with either a hook spreader bar or a sliding rope spreader bar for wave riding.

What can we say - just come try it!

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Showing 1–12 of 18 results