Ride Engine

ride engine kitesurfing accessories and harnesses.

Ride Engine started in Santa Cruz in 2010, initially as the company that revolutionised the Kitesurfing harness. They produced the first hard shell harness, a truly better harness for most riders. The rigid construction of the fits nicely into the back, preventing it from sliding up. It allows the harness to be a lot narrower, which means no more bruising on the hips or ribs. They have continued to innovate and with the release of the new Unity spreader bar for 2021 they maintain their lead in harness technology. Fixed hook, or sliding rope for wave riding, these harnesses will truly improve your riding and enjoyment on the water.

But Ride Engine is not just a kitesurfing harness company. They have branched out to producing a great line of Accessories, including Impact Vests and Harnesses.

Watersports Warehouse are the official distributors of Ride Engine in South Africa.

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Showing 1–16 of 39 results