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Watersports Warehouse is your one-stop shop for all your wakeboarding needs. We stock a wide variety of wakeboard decks from top brands like Hyperlight, CWB, O’Brien, KD Sports, and Slingshot.

We also have a team of experienced wakeboarders on staff who can help you choose the right wakeboard deck for your skill level and riding style. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we have everything you need to get out on the water and start having fun.

We’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you have. So come on down to Watersports Warehouse today and let us help you find the perfect wakeboard for your needs.

    Showing all 11 results

    Showing all 11 results

    Choosing the Right Wakeboard Length

    The best board size for you depends on your weight and riding style. Each board model has specific sizing recommendations provided by the manufacturer. If there are multiple people using your board, base your selection on the weight of the rider who rides the most often, or the heaviest rider. Riders can become extremely frustrated with boards that are not long enough to float them sufficiently. However, there is a range in the length board you can ride.

    Reasons to Choose a Shorter Wakeboard

    The feeling you get from a shorter wakeboard deck depends on the board’s shape, but in general, shorter boards are slower and take more energy to push through the water. The more surface area the board has on the water, the faster it will move across the surface. However, a shorter board is easier to spin and maneuver in the air as you flip or fly across the wake. The decreased surface area also makes landings harder and the nose may tend to dig in, which causes your nose and the rest of your face to dig into the water too.

    Reasons to Choose a Longer Wakeboard

    Longer wakeboard decks are typically easier to ride and learn on, they have a solid boost-off-the-wake feel. Longer boards are heavier which means you work harder against the weight in the air, but you also get more control. That makes longer boards great for learning tricks and the basics for the first time. A longer board has more surface area so it will sit on top of the water nicely and move quickly through the water. The increased surface area of a longer board makes for softer landings.

        Wakeboard Deck Sizing Chart

     Rider WeightWakeboard Length
    Less than 32kgUp to 120 cm
    23 - 40kg115 cm - 120 cm
    30 - 50kg120 cm - 130 cm
    40 - 63kg131 cm - 135cm
    52 - 66kg136 cm - 140cm
    63 - 95kg141cm - 145cm
    82 - 110kg +146cm - 150cm
    * Riders ability, riding style and experience level may affect recommendations.

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