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Adjusting back lines on F-one kites

This article explains how to tune your back line settings on all F-one kites since the 2020 kites were released.

SHEETED IN The back line is released and the forces go through the front connector. The bar pressure increases and the maneuvrability is less direct. It offers a very progressive bar with a feeling of a sheeted out back connector while we sheet in, therefore the pressure increases progressively.

SHEETED OUT The kite tilts and the back line stiffens. The tensions move to the trailing edge which has several effects: – less flapping – better start – maneuvrability with less pressure.

Adjusting back lines on f_one kites - sheeted in
Adjusting back lines on f_one kites - sheeted out

HIGH TENSION TUNING When the kite is sheeted out with the upper knot tuning (1): -kite’s manoeuvrability increases -bar pressure reduces

LOW TENSION TUNING When the kite is sheeted in with the lower knot tuning (2): – kite’s manoeuvrability reduces – bar pressure increases

Adjusting back lines on f_one kites - sheeted in
Adjusting back lines on f_one kites - sheeted out

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After season SALE on second hand kites F-one and Airush

After season SALE on our second hand kites!

We have a variety of used F-one Bandits and Airush demo kites for sale in all different colours!

Check below for availability and prices.

2018 Bandit 10: 7m & 10m                from R8.500

2017 Bandit 9:   6m & 7m                  from R6.500

2016 Bandit 8:   5,6,7,8 & 9m           from R5.000

2015 Bandit 7:  7m & 9m                   from R4.500

2014 Bandit 6:  10m                           from R2.500


2015 Airush Wave 7m R4.750

2014 Airush DNA 10m R5.000


If you looking for a second hand F-one or Airush please contact us!



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Ripcurl Omega Mens Entry Level Wetsuit

Ripcurl Wetsuit

The Ripcurl Omega wetsuit Range has landed in South Africa and is available at Watersports Warehouse

The release of the Omega range of wetsuits from Ripcurl South Africa is going to cause some upsets for competitors. This wetsuit although basic, is a great all-round entry level wetsuit and offers all the correct features you want! Its the 1st time in many years I’ve seen first rate wetsuit brand release a decent wetsuit under the R3000 barrier, This come in at a Price of R2295 and is a well constructed product with no flaws.

They have lined all the high pressure points on the wetsuit for increased warmth and ultimately greater durability. as illustrated below

The Ripcurl Omega wetsuit offers surprisingly great flexibility for a entry level wetsuit as well due to the Ultra Flex 3mm neoprene panels they have placed in all the moving areas of the wetsuit. The main chest and back area are rubberised for added warmth and durability against chaffing.

Designed with the all-round beginner in mind and ease of entry when getting the suit on and off , the Omega is a Backzip wetsuit and offers a high quality YKK  zipper with a neoprene seal built in for added dryness. From an aesthetics perpective , Ripcurl have also added some colour to the mix with a Black blue and grey Accent.

All in all this is a great product and is sure to be one of the best selling wetsuits on the market!