Ride Engine Elite Carbon V8 Harness


The unrivaled benchmark in carbon-fiber hard-shell harnesses, the Ride Engine Elite Carbon V8 Harness continues to lead the way thanks to its data-based design and ergonomic shape for superior support and comfort. Built with the latest in material technology, including 12K molded carbon fiber, limestone-based neoprene, and Fusion closed-cell memory foam for maximum durability and performance.

Equipped with Unity Ladder-Lock Straps so it’s ready to integrate with our Unity Spreader Bar (goodbye sloppy webbing!), the Elite Carbon is constructed using top-shelf 12K carbon fiber, which ensures a durable, strong Armor Shell frame in a lightweight, high-performance package.

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Ride engine kitesurfing harness


When combined with our Fusion Memory Foam and proprietary Shell Skin technology with Lumbar Lock shaping, the Elite Carbon provides the ultimate in connection, feel and support.

Ride Engine Elite Carbon V8 Harness features:

  • 12K Carbon Armor Shell- Built with 12K carbon fiber, the Armor Shell of our Elite Carbon is light, strong, and ergonomically contoured—as well as our stiffest. The Armor Shell also allows the load to be distributed seamlessly from the spreader bar to the shell, preventing the harness from buckling or pinching. 
  • Unity Spreader Bar Compatible- Our “set it and forget it” spreader bar system that creates a solid, stable connection, the Unity Spreader Bar has an ingenious design utilizing custom-molded ladder-lock straps, thereby eliminating the use of traditional webbing and providing an unrivaled locked-in fit. 
  • Lumbar Lock- A scientifically supported data shape from more than 1000 custom molds, the Lumbar Lock conforms and cradles your lumbar, back and sides to lock the harness securely in place. These enhanced ergonomics ensure that you get the maximum support out of your harness—no more harness sliding side-to-side or riding up. 
  • Low Profile Outline Design-  Low-profile framework contributes to a perfect fit and maximum mobility while keeping the harness locked in place and eliminating pressure points. 
  • Handle-Pass, Front-Mounted Leash Attachments- For freestyle riders, the harness comes with handle-pass-leash mount around the back (which is easy to remove for windsurfing). It also has two front-mounted leash attachment points for use when a short leash is utilized. 
  • Fusion Memory Foam- Super soft, ergonomic foam conforms to the shape of your torso for ultimate comfort and hold. 
  • Full Neoprene Comfort Wrap- Minimal-seam construction of a full-neoprene wrap conforms to the body, creating a rash-free interface.
  • Internal Waist Belt Strap- An internal, single-closure waist-belt strap provides a secure fit and easy entry and adjustment. 
  • Unit Direct Connection-Comprised of two revolutionary pieces, the Unity Spreader Bar and the Unity Ladder-Lock Straps. The Unity Connection System is available exclusively on our Elite Carbon, Saber, and Lyte Direct harnesses. Gone is the ever-loosening harness webbing, replaced by unique Unity Ladder-Lock Straps that completely eliminate spreader bar rise. Gone are mid-session fluctuations in tightness and fit, replaced by the absolute locked-in feel of our ambidextrous Tension- Lock latch closure. Gone is the critical yet overlooked connection between your body, the harness, and kite or sail, replaced by a next-level spreader bar-system.
  • Unity Mega Spreader Bar included.
Why You Need It
The Elite Carbon is exactly that: a harness for riders demanding elite performance in order to be fully and reliably supported in their pursuit of personal limits in airs, waves, and tricks.

Technology That You Get
Packed with exotic materials and science- and data-backed design, the Elite Carbon has our latest in technology and innovation to inspire confidence in any condition.
Final Word
If you want to set your personal bests, then you need the best—the Elite Carbon will deliver all you are asking for… and more.

Additional information


Ride Engine


S, M, L

Harness Type

Hardshell Waist


Black, Grey Storm, Sunset

Harness / Spreader Size Chart

Carbon Elite V8 Harness
X-SMALL24 - 2561 - 63,58
X-SMALL26 - 2766 - 68,68
SMALL28 - 2971,1 - 73,710
SMALL30 - 3176,2 - 78,712
MEDIUM32 - 3381,3 - 83,810
MEDIUM34 - 3586,4 - 88,912
LARGE36 - 3791,4 - 9410
LARGE38 - 3996,5 - 99,112
X-LARGE40 - 41102 - 10412
X-LARGE42 - 44107 - 11214
* Measure Around Belly Button
* If your sizing falls in between a size, please size down, but step up to bigger bar size.


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