Mystic Wetsuit Dry Bag


Dive into sustainability with the Mystic Wetsuit Dry Bag, a watertight wonder crafted from upcycled EVA. This eco-conscious bag doesn’t just keep your gear dry; it keeps our oceans happier. The perfect bag to transport your wetsuit post-adventure, it’s spacious enough to embrace that sea-soaked suit.

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You’ve just shed your wetsuit, and now this trusty dry bag is your eco-friendly chariot, ferrying your gear home for a thorough rinse. A seamless blend of style and eco-responsibility, the Mystic Dry Bag is your sustainable partner in protecting both your gear and our ocean’s playground. Let’s ride the wave of change together, one wetsuit at a time.

Mystic Wetsuit Dry Bag features:

  • Recycled EVA
  • Waterproof
  • Wetsuit Storage bag

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