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KD Skis Arriving In South Africa This Week

KD Skis has Landed on South African ShoresFor the past few months Watersports Warehouse have been working on importing  a new waterski brand which has been taking the international tournament water ski scene by storm. However they don’t just cater for the tournament water skiers.. they have an amazingly in depth range of skis with the latest tech and advancements to cater for everyone’s needs.Terry Winter has been developing the KD Platinum slalom ski for the past 2 years which got him into 41 0ff (10.25m) 24 times in competition this past season. His most consistent season as of yet. We also seeing Big name skiers  such as Jimmy Siemers joining the team.KD have an incredibly in depth slalom ski range which caters for every skier no matter on the level, the KD Krypton Carbon is an absolutely awesome high end slalom ski which has already become renowned for its unmatched predictable and consistent off side turning ability as well as its chart topping speed it creates out of the pocket of the turn through its wider forebody and longer sweet spot in the rocker line. (Note due to the fact these slalom ski carry more width in the forebody which equate to more volume.. we recommend you trying a size smaller than your normal slalom ski)KD skis also have the 2019 Krypton Slalom in the standard construction which doesn’t come with the carbon laminated  lay up , which adds a little bit more weight to the ski and loses a bit of it response and speed.. however this ski is nearly half the price of the carbon version and is perfect for a water skier who wants a great  intermediate high performing free skiing ski , which has the ability to get into the early stages of shortening in a slalom course at a great price.In the KD free ski Series (designed for open water skiing! ie. the ski doesn’t come for free) 4 specialized open water orientated skis have been released to cater for everyone..-KD Kidder Redline – This is an age old iconic slalom ski which has been updated with modern materials and technology in the construction as well as extra width in the forebody , this makes the legendary ski an absolute must for any skier who can ski well by creating angle through the wakes , and cranking out proper tight radius turns in open water areas with non ideal conditions .– The KD Ex is an incredible smooth skiing slalom ski designed with the weekend skier in mind who wants a stable progressive edge through the wakes and a soft flex pattern which aids a silky smooth edge change into a drawn out turn , its also available in the Ladies version called the KD Aqua.-KD Power Curve – this slalom ski comes in a range of sizes from 65″ – 67″- 69″  and are amazing beginner /intermediate skis which are designed with the latest technology in flex control combined with edge to edge concave design to help the ski turn effortlessly whilst being a stable base to perform on .. this is the ideal ski to have on the boat which can cater for everyone.But its not just there skis … They have an amazing range of Waterski Boots and Bindings that cater for over critical high end slalom skier all the way to basic Combo ski adjustable bindings. as well As Great High Quality ropes , handles , slalom Course buoys , Kneeboards and Life jackets!Come visit Watersports Warehouse Showroom in Sunset Beach Cape Town, South Africa  to view the full Range.Please let us know your thoughts and what your wetsuit care routine is like by leaving us a comment, dropping us an email or giving us a call. We’d love to hear from you.Also remember to give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates and information.
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