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SALE on second hand F-one and Airush Kites.

SALE on our second hand kites!

We have a variety of used F-one Bandits kites and Airush kites as well as kite bars and lines for sale in all different colours!

Check below for availability and prices.

2018 Bandit 10: 7m, 9m & 10m          from R8.500

2018 WTF!: 8m                                     R6.000

2017 Bandit 9:   6m, 7m & 9m            from R6.500

2017 Breeze: 13m                                  R11.500

2016 Bandit 8:   5, 6, 7, 8 & 9m             from R5.000

2015 Bandit 7:  5m, 7m & 9m             from R4.500

2014 Bandit 6:  7m & 10m                  from R4.550

2013 Trust:      4m                                 R4.500

2012 Bandit 5: 8m                                R5000

2010 Bandit 3: 5m                                R3.750

2015 Airush Wave 7m                          R4.750

If you looking for a second hand F-one or Airush please contact us or check out the used kite section on our website!

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