KD Krypton Carbon Slalom Ski


The 2021 KD Krypton Carbon Slalom Ski – a groundbreaking addition to the KD Ski Range for 2021. Meticulously designed for your skiing experience, this model enhances cross-course speed, widens your boat path, and ensures super tight-radius turns while maintaining stability.

Experience unparalleled performance and attack the course with confidence. It’s time to embark on a ski journey that defies expectations. Stop hesitating and start an adventure that promises exhilaration at every turn. Choose the 2021 KD Krypton Carbon Slalom Ski and unlock a world of skiing excellence.

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KD Krypton Carbon Slalom Ski Features

  • Carbon Wrap Enhancement: Experience advanced performance with the carbon wrap, elevating the equipment’s strength and responsiveness.
  • Precision Machined PVC Core: The machined PVC core guarantees exceptional precision and durability, optimizing your riding experience.
  • UV Gloss Top Deck: The UV gloss top deck not only adds a touch of elegance but also enhances protection against sun damage.
  • Efficient Lifting Rail: Equipped with a lifting rail, this equipment promotes smoother rides by reducing drag and enhancing hydrodynamics.
  • Customizable Fin System: The adjustable fin system allows you to fine-tune your equipment to your preferred riding style and conditions.
  • Competition-Ready Foil: Designed with a competition foil, this equipment is engineered to deliver top-tier performance for ambitious riders.

Additional information


KD -Kidder


66, 68

ski level

Intermediate, Tournament

Ski Size Guide

Skier Weight42 - 48kph48 - 55kph55 - 58kph
36 - 50kg65"65"
43 - 55kg65"65"65"
52 - 64kg65"65"65"
61 - 73kg67" - 68"65" - 67"65" - 67"
70 - 82kg68" - 69"67" - 68"67" - 68"
80 - 91kg68" - 69"67" - 68"67" - 68"
89 - 100kg69"69"68" - 69"
98kg >69"68" - 69"
Skier ability, line length, and individual style may affect recommendations.


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