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How to choose an F-One foil?

Part 1 of 2

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F-ONE doesn’t compromise on their build quality, no matter what the product is and their hydrofoil range is the most comprehensive, modular, and accessible range they’ve made to date.

Below is a guide on how to help you choose your F-ONE foil. Its important to remember that the setup you use will vary depending on your skill level, your weight, the conditions, and the discipline you choose to do.

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Aspect Ratios

Understanding the Aspect Ratio (AR) is the key to how F-One has constructed their range of foils, and this should be your first guide in choosing a front wing.

In short, the Aspect Ratio (AR) is the ratio between the surface area and the wingspan.

Foils with a low- to mid- AR will be a bit thicker and rounder in shape. These foils will be more stable, easier to turn and pivot well, will have a lot of lift, and will make your take-off in low wind and low speeds nice and easy. Hydrofoils with a high AR will be thinner and longer, and because of this will produce much less induced drag. High AR foils are highly efficient and will provide a lot of glide and speed.

The higher the AR foil, the better the performance will be for experienced riders and the further it will fly/glide. But, with this they also need a greater minimum speed to start planning and generate lift. Another aspect of AR is the turning radius of the foil. A higher AR foil makes for wider turns.

F-One Foil Range and Disciplines

F-One have classified their foil range into four levels of AR to define the discipline for each foil:

An AR of 5 is the most accessible and is recommended to learn how to foil.

The most versatile and best performing is the AR 6.0. Its medium span guarantees maneuverability for surfing and accessible pumping.

When you switch to an AR of 7.0, you increase your maximum speed and will glide further, but the extra span penalizes the maneuverability.

The AR of 9.0 and above is reserved for experienced riders. It offers incredible glide if you maintain sufficient speed and brings good maneuverability under 1000cm².

Kite Foils

F-One has 3 models suitable for kite foiling, The ESCAPE HM Carbon (AR 6.0) which is aimed at high-performance kiting and speed, but this can also be used by experienced riders to surf big waves. The MIRAGE Carbon (AR 4.5) is a very versatile foil which is great for freeriding and carving. Then the IC6 950 V.3 rounds off the range with its 4.4 AR, which is intuitive, predictable, and very user-friendly.

Wing and Surf Foils

F-One GRAVITY and its AR of 5.0. This is the foil you should have if you want to learn how to use both a wing and a foil. It is accessible and straightforward, the GRAVITY foils have great lift and excellent stability.

If you’ve have some experience on a hydrofoil and are looking for some more performance and glide, then the versatile F-One PHANTOM foil (AR 6.0) is for you. This is a fantastic foil that does everything well. Its medium wing span guarantees performance, maneuverability for surfing and efficient pumping.

The more you foil, and continue to improve. You’ll want to change to a foil with a high AR which will bring you more speed, better carving capabilities, and more acceleration. Then the F-One PHANTOM S, with an AR of 6.5 is the one for you. With it’s surface areas below 1000cm², thinner profile than the regular PHANTOM to give you more speed and maneuverability. If you’re a surfer, then the handling, maneuverability, and carving abilities of this foil are what you’re looking for! Both PHANTOM and PHANTOM-S are also perfect for freestyle wing sessions.

If even more glide, more speed, and fantastic upwind potential are what you’re after, then the F-One SEVEN SEAS is the foil for you. Moving into open seas, its AR of 7.5 makes it fantastic for surfing the swell and down winding on some small chops or in light winds. It’s design is optimized for minimal drag will also reduce the traction in your arms as you travel upwind with a wing.

Finally, the F-One EAGLE and its AR of 9.5 lets you fly super far and super fast. It has a thin profile which leads to minimal drag, and brings an unmatched and seemingly endless glide.

If you’re into free flying or down winding, then you’ll be able to go way much faster, further, and longer. The Eagle offers superb stability and impressive control, which will let you fully focus on the entire experience.

The F-One EAGLE foil will transform your session once you have the right level to ride it as fast as it needs to go to enjoy its full potential.

Part 2 to follow soon…

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