F-One Seven Seas Carbon Foil – Plane Pack


F-One Seven Seas Carbon Foil – Plane Pack – The F-ONE SEVEN SEAS is the hydrofoil that will help you ease into the amazing downwind world and provide incredible glide sensations.

The SEVEN SEAS’s high aspect ratio and thin profile brings great downwind abilities and offers the best glide. The front wing is equipped with fences on the wingtips to reduce the induced drag and improve the foil’s overall performances and maneuverability.

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Once you’re up to your cruising speed, its lift will make it easy for you to keep your glide for a long time. Pumping is reliable and constant even at low speeds, and you will be able to connect the waves and catch any upcoming bumps more easily. This new line positions itself perfectly as an intermediary between the EAGLE HM CARBON and the PHANTOM CARBON ranges.


F-One Seven Seas Carbon Foil – Plane Pack features

  • Aspect Ratio: 7.5
  • Fantastic glide, upwind, and speed abilities
  • Makes downwind foiling accessible
  • Thin profile and optimized design for minimal drag
  • PRE PREG TECHNOLOGY- Pre-preg makes the foils stiffer and stronger. With pre-preg fabrics, the carbon fiber is directly impregnated with epoxy resin by its manufacturer. This guarantees a perfect ratio between epoxy and carbon and represents the highest quality process. It is then cured at high temperature, bringing strength and durability.
  • MONOBLOC STRUCTURE-  Having a stiff and solid assembly between all the parts of the hydrofoil is key to making it perform at its best as well as easy to handle.
  • TITAN CONNECTION- The TITAN connection enables a very stiff and direct connection between two parts, locking efficiently any movement in all directions.

    Its format is compact which is hydrodynamically efficient and very easy to use, assemble and disassemble.

Built using the Monobloc structure with pre-preg carbon, the foils are both very light and strong. This setup brings improved load transmission and better stiffness throughout the different parts for maximum control. The TITAN connection allows to plug in either an aluminum or carbon mast, and the fuselage is split in two to facilitate transport.

The SEVEN SEAS foils are available in 1000 cm², 1200 cm². They are recommended with the new C250 FENCE stab. This stabilizer is also set up with fences to bring even more maneuverability to the entire plane.

If you already ride with a PHANTOM foil and wish to improve your glide in downwind, the SEVEN SEAS is made for you.


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Foil Size

1000, 1200

Size Guide

SEVEN SEAS 1000100086.57.51.35
SEVEN SEAS 12001200957.61.44
SEVEN SEAS 14001400103.57.51.61



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