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F-One Kites…Which one is best for you?

F-One Bandit XVI Kite for sale, Watersports Warehouse, Cape Town

Lets have a look at the different F-One Kites, and which one is the right one for you.

BANDIT XVI – Performance Freeride

Most Wanted for 16 years and still running, the F-ONE BANDIT never fails to impress. From freeride to kite foiling, Big Air or strapless, this kite can do it all and do it amazingly well. 

Its Delta C-Shape and 3 struts, along with extensive and perfectly fined-tuned sail engineering including the NEW staggered seams (watch the video about this) on the leading and trailing edge and new fabrics weights, control the kite’s profile and shape to bring an incredibly intuitive, stable, and efficient ride across a wide wind range.

• Smooth profile and controlled deformation for incredible efficiency
• Impressive stability no matter the conditions
• Absolute control at all time
• Amazing responsiveness for epic sensations
• Precision flying with an excellent range
• Effortless upwind abilities

Available in 7 sizes, from 7m² to 14 m².

BANDIT S4 – Surf / Strapless

The F-ONE BANDIT S is the true partner to the surfboard rider. In the waves, it follows your every move in total control and allows you to kite smoothly in the right position and ride by feel. 

Its Delta C-Shape and 3 struts along with the NEW staggered seams (watch the video about this) on the trailing edge and new fabrics weights, make the kite highly responsive, intuitive, and capable of super drift.

  • Smooth profile and controlled deformation for incredible flying abilities
  • Absolute control at all time
  • Intuitive traction
  • Amazing turning response when sheeted out
  • Instant depower to forget about your kite when surfing
  • Lighter and even more precise

Available in 8 sizes, from 4 m² to 11 m².

… the BANDIT and the BANDIT S?

If you love surfing and really want to hone in on those waves, then the F-ONE BANDIT S4 is the clear choice. It’s one of the most playful and light kites of the market. It feels extremely light on the bar and is super maneuverable, perfectly made for that constant motion in the ocean waves. You’ll never have to worry about slack lines or being pulled too much by the kite during sharp turns and carves. 

Once again, the F-ONE BANDIT XVI is extremely versatile, does everything well and will satisfy a broad variety of riders. It is a great choice for twin tip riders who also occasionally like to surf or foil, or those looking for effortless freeride sessions while also being able to jump and enjoy a good hangtime.

BREEZE V4 – Light Wind Freeride

The F-ONE BREEZE brings unbeatable low wind performances and is one of the most user-friendly one-strut kites on the market today. 

The BREEZE V4 is light, maneuverable, and stable, all must-have features in a foil kite. This one-strut, kite will bring amazing speed control on a foil.  It is the perfect kite for foiling in any conditions, especially in low wind. This Delta C-Shape kite is for anyone wanting a lightweight setup that offers incredible handling with great performance abilities in the low-end.

Available in 6 sizes: 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 m².

F-One Breeze V4 Kite for sale, Watersports Warehouse, Cape Town

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