Wing Surfing Lessons


Learn how to Wing surf from Ground Zero! -All the gear is included in all of our lessons.
We make the art of wing surfing made easy with our proven step by step approach.

Wing Surfing Lessons INCLUDE

  • One-on-One Instruction.
  • Personalized coaching according to each riders individual needs.
  • Wing surf, Wing surf board and beginner foil.
  • We can also teach on your equipment.
  • Life Vest or Impact vest and Helmet.

All wing surfing lessons take place on the latest equipment.


A basic rundown of our approach

Wing Surfing lessons 1 (Ground based lesson – approx. 45-60 minutes)

  • Setting up and becoming acquainted with wing surf gear
  • Learning the principals of power generation by handling the wing
  • Learning basic board and wing skills (On land)

Next step: Getting in the water – Taking the principals and techniques learned on land lessons and putting
them into practice.

We start on a high volume stable board (No hydrofoil attached) which is relatively easy to
keep your balance whilst learning to manipulate power generation from the wing.

  • Learn to get into position as quickly as possible with a stepped process before you
    lose too much downwind ground.
  • Generate Power from the wing and transfer that power into speed and angle on the
  • Maintain your ground on both natural and goofy tacks.
  • De rigging of gear.

Wing Surfing lessons 2 (2x Boat based hydrofoil lessons – approx. 30 minutes each)

Lessons take place behind a Mastercraft or Ski Nautique tournament  waterski boat.

  • Set up of Hydrofoil gear.
  • Learn the fundamentals of controlling a hydrofoil, by acquiring the correct
    techniques to control the lift created by the foil.

Wing Surfing lessons 3  (Water based lesson -approx. 60 minutes )

  • Rigging up of equipment.
  • Refresher of wing and board skills.
  • Safe Handling of the hydrofoil and Wing.
  • Getting into water and putting skills acquired from previous lessons into place to
    generate power from the wing and getting onto hydrofoil.
  • Rigging down of equipment.

See our Lessons FAQ for more info.

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