Masterline Classic Suede LV 5 Section Package


Introducing the Masterline Classic 5 Section Long V Rope & Suede Handle – an ideal choice for the recreational skier seeking excellence. This package has been crafted to enhance your water skiing experience with quality and performance at its core.

Made from premium materials, this package features an 80-strand Poly-P rope that ensures durability and reliability on the water. With 5 take-off loop sections, you have the freedom to personalize your rides with ease. The package boasts a length of 70′, offering the perfect balance of maneuverability and control.

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Enhancing your grip is the Suede Long V 5′ Handle, designed for comfort and stability. The molded end caps further contribute to the handle’s durability and functionality.

Masterline Classic Suede LV 5 Section Package features:

  • 28mm DIA Aluminium
  • Long V (PVC Coated)
  • Foam pencil float
  • 12 inch Suede Short V
  • 80 Strand POLY-P 70ft Mainline
  • 5x take off sections @ 15’, 22’, 28’, 32’ & 35’ off
  • 75ft total length

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