KD Powercarve Slalom Ski

The KD Powercarve Slalom Ski leads the way in wide body performance slalom water ski for the beginner or passive intermediate level skier. The skis wide tip and tail allow for effortless starts for skiers of any size. The side cut design means the slalom ski turns very easily and crosses the wake as well as any traditional ski. 

The tunnel base tapers into an edge to edge concave below the feet to provide a stable slalom ski when ridden behind the boat, however still rolls exceptionally well from edge to edge for a water ski of its size. Distinctive fin slot technology keeps the ski tracking through the turn, taking away any washout caused by the large surface are in the tail. For sure this is the best performing wide body ski available. 

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KD Powercarve Slalom Ski Features:

  • Wide Edge to Edge Concave
  • PBT Top Sheet
  • PU Core
  • Oversized Tail
  • Made in USA


Additional information


KD -Kidder


65", 69", 67"

ski level

Beginner, Free, Intermediate

Size Guide

Slalom Ski Sizing Guide


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