KD Krypton Carbon Slalom Ski


The KD Krypton Carbon Slalom Ski is one hell of a balanced cross-over model for KD Skis, offering tournament-style specifications in a ski that has the comfort and stability for almost any skier. With a slightly wider profile blending into an increased tail taper, the width allows the ski to sit stable underfoot while allowing you to stand over the ski and generate speed into and out of turns.

An adjusted edge bevel allows the  Krypton Carbon Slalom Ski to handle and hold a greater angle when on edge to cut through the wash and hold a consistent speed. On the inside, this Carbon slalom ski has a traditional PU core wrapped in a carbon laminate, allowing the slalom ski to be responsive and comfortable, all while keeping the weight down.

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KD Krypton Carbon Slalom Ski Features: 

  • Carbon & Graphite Composite Lay Up: Crafted with a high-performance carbon and graphite composite lay up for exceptional strength and responsiveness.
  • RCD Top Deck: The RCD top deck design enhances durability and provides a comfortable surface for optimal performance.
  • PU Foam Core: Incorporates a PU foam core that ensures a lightweight construction while maintaining durability and flex characteristics.
  • Tip Lifting Rail: The tip lifting rail design enhances control and responsiveness, allowing for precise maneuvering.
  • Adjustable Fin System with Foil: Equipped with an adjustable fin system featuring a foil design, offering flexibility to customize your riding experience.

Additional information


KD -Kidder


67", 68''

ski level

Tournament, Advanced

Ski Size Guide

Skier Weight42 - 48kph48 - 55kph55 - 58kph
36 - 50kg65"65"
43 - 55kg65"65"65"
52 - 64kg65"65"65"
61 - 73kg67" - 68"65" - 67"65" - 67"
70 - 82kg68" - 69"67" - 68"67" - 68"
80 - 91kg68" - 69"67" - 68"67" - 68"
89 - 100kg69"69"68" - 69"
98kg >69"68" - 69"
Skier ability, line length, and individual style may affect recommendations.


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