Island Style Surf Wax


The exceptional Island Style Surf Wax is infused with a secret sticky stuff additive, giving you unparalleled traction and grip on your board. With our revolutionary formula, you’ll conquer even the most challenging waves with ease.

We’ve also introduced our reusable cardboard stash box, giving you with a convenient and eco-friendly way to store your surf wax. Say goodbye to plastic packaging and embrace sustainability without compromising on quality.

No matter what the water temperature, Island Style Surf Wax has you covered. Our range of surf waxes is specially formulated to cater to various water conditions, ensuring optimal performance wherever your surfing journey takes you.

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Island Style Surf Wax features:

  • Product of South Africa
  • Temperature Rating | Cold– For water temps 15°C and below.
  • Temperature Rating | Warm– For water temps 19°C – 24°C
  • For Best Performance –  Use only within temperature range.
  • Weight (g):100

Join the growing community of surfers who trust our Proudly South African wax to enhance their surfing performance and embrace sustainability. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Discover the secret to exceptional traction today with Island Style Surf Wax.

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