Island Style Mens Nomad Slops


The Snug Fit Island Style Mens Nomad Slops have a streamlined shape with a slightly wider strap that has air and water escape vents on the side.

The name Nomad is derived from a wanderer, a surfer that wanders from place to place searching for the perfect wave.

Our flip flop is also commonly known as a slop, plakkie, sandal and beach thong. They are NOT made in China my China, made in Durban ekse, and guaranteed for 2000 kilometres.

Various colours available.

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Island Style Mens Nomad Slops features:

  • Double rear plugs and a strong front plug: Double-plugged slops mean strength. Strength means they’ll last longer. Slops that don’t break when walking on beach sand… and if you’re a surfer, you know what we mean.
  • Ventilation vibes: Vamps (the strap that holds your foot to the flop) with vents that allow water, sand, and air to pass through. Less sweaty, less resistance & less slippery slops.
  • Superior quality, comfy rubber sole: Superior rubber that molds to fit your foot. Guaranteed to last 2,000kms. Supreme comfort for your beach, bar, or office missions… every day.
  • Guaranteed for 2000kms or 12 months from purchase with the receipt.
  • Various colors are available.

Our flip flop is also commonly known as a slop, plakkie, sandal, and beach thong. ‘They are NOT made in China my China, made in Durban ekse’.

Slip into the comfort zone with our durable rubber soles that make our Nomads the best slops on the market and come with a 2000km guarantee.


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5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


Navy, Rasta


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