Complete Inflatable Wing Foiling Package


Complete F-One Inflatable Wing Foil Package include:

F-One Swing V2 5m

Wing foil sensations are beyond compare. The feeling of freedom you get from being the only connection between the wing and the foil is unique. It is thus essential to make the correct wing choice to enjoy the full experience.

The STRIKE V.2 and its improved design will give you even stronger sensations, no matter your skill level.

F-One Rocket Air 6’11”

Having a lightweight construction, the ROCKET AIR SURF offers an easy take-off and a very stable flying experience. They are developed following the same sizes & outlines as the rigid boards, the foil position is the same for a perfect balance.

These boards offer a lot of volume in a very compact shape for an improved flying potential. They are equipped with a Tuttle box and a full deck pad.

Built with a high quality dropstitch material, the ROCKET AIR boars are inflated in a few minutes. They can be stored into a small bag to be easily brought on your next adventure.

F-One Gravity 1800 FCT Complete

A Gravity foil is an intuitive foil to use. It generates lift at low (and even very low) speed but does it in a smooth way so you can keep your balance easily. The wings are designed to be easy to roll and turn, so they can perform in the surf.

The Gravity has its dimensions optimized to provide enough lift to get anyone flying. We made sure to keep the drag limited to maintain a thrilling feeling of glide. The span is generous making it a very stable foil and the refined shape details such as the arch curvature, the profile and the wing tips insure it remains highly maneuverable.

1 × F-One Rocket Air Surf Foil Board - 6'11

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F-One Swing V2 Surf Wing for sale, Watersports Warehouse, Cape Town
1 × F-One Swing V.2 Surf Wing - 4.2m, Mango/Papaya

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F-One Swing V2 5m

The STRIKE V.2 and its improved design will give you even stronger sensations, no matter your skill level.

  • Adaptive Wing Design: Controlled power, Performance and Comfort
  • Pre Loaded Canopy: Our unique canopy tension allows the wing to keep its shape at all times
  • Perfectly balanced center of traction between your two arms
  • Legendary lightness, essential for freefly
  • Dynamic stability for a fully controlled ride
  • Exceptional forward traction to increase upwind and reduce fatigue
  • Extended wind range, guaranteeing performance and control in all your sessions

F-One Rocket Air 6’11”

F-ONE inflatable ROCKET AIR board are very accessible and convenient to start-off surf foiling. They offer great flying capabilities as well as the versatility you need.


  • Easy to store and carry when deflated.
  • Dropstitch technology is light & stiff
  • More volume allows an easy & early take off.
  • The durable and safe material makes it convenient on a boat

F-One Gravity 1800 FCT Complete

The Gravity comes with the IC6 300 Stab. This stabilizer offers easy take-off and good directional stability for a secure feel which is perfect when riding. Built using the IC6 technology it is both strong and durable

Package includes

  • Phantom Carbon Front Wing
  • Carbon Fuselage
  • C275 or C300 Surf Stabiliser
  • Tool Torx T30
  • 75cm Aluminium mast

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