Straight Line Sumo Bow Bag 650


The 650lb. Straight Line Sumo Bow Bag 650 is perfect for placement in any open bow. To get the right shape wake, along with the size you’re looking for, even weight distribution throughout the boat is critical. Bow weight is the most often ignored variable in this formula, so make sure you have enough weight in the front of your boat.

The Straightline Sumo Sacs, the most flexible, puncture-resistant ballast bags available today. Sumo Sacs are made with a sandwiched, woven polyester core and have internally glued and taped seams for a nearly indestructible bag. The sandwich construction keeps them thin, so they are easy to fold up and store when not in use. We spent a lot of time measuring different boats to make sure that these square bags will fit anywhere on any boat.

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Straight Line Sumo Bow Bag 650 Features:

  • Three link valves for water and air-tight filling/draining
  • One traditional valve for compatibility with older pumps
  • Centered handle on top makes it easier to adjust the bag in compartments during filling/draining
  • Color coded graphics for ideal boat location recommendations.
  • Sumo Sac Spring-loaded link valve – creates a clean, water-tight seal that automatically opens and closes when the Uber pump is used for filling and draining, eliminating water shooting into the boat.
  • Height – 22″ x Length 44″  (55.9cm x 111.8cm)
  • 650 lbs (295kg)


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