Sticky Bumps Surf Wax


Experience the ultimate in surf wax performance with Sticky Bumps Surf Wax, the go-to choice for surfers around the world. Our premium wax is created to provide long-lasting traction and easy application, allowing you to dominate the waves like never before.

Designed for the most challenging conditions, Sticky Bumps Surf Wax is specially formulated for water temperatures from 15°C and below. Whether you’re riding the crisp waves of winter or exploring colder regions, our wax guarantees optimal grip, giving you the confidence to push your limits and ride with precision.

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Sticky Bumps Surf Wax features:

  • Original Blueberry Scent
  • Non-Toxic / Biodegradable / All-Natural
  • Temperature Rating | Cold –  For water temps 60°F / 15°C and below.
  • For Best Performance –  Use Sticky Bumps basecoat under any of their temperature-specific waxes.
  • Temperature Range: Cold
  • Weight (g):85

Unlock your true surfing potential with Sticky Bumps Wax. Join the countless surfers who trust our high-performance wax to elevate their riding experience. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection. Get your hands on Sticky Bumps Surf Wax today and take your surfing to the next level.

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