Solarez Neo-Rez Black


Revitalize your wetsuit with a trusted repair system –  the NEO-BOND butt-welder and Neo-Rez BLACK sealer. Seamlessly adhere neoprene edges with structural precision using the small tube NEO-BOND butt-welder. Then, experience the magic of the Neo-Rez BLACK sealer as it forms a robust yet supple seal, akin to top-tier wetsuit standards.

This innovative repair option for your wetsuit. Unveil a rejuvenated wetsuit that’s ready to tackle the ocean with renewed strength and performance. Embrace the world of superior wetsuit care today and embark on unforgettable aquatic journeys.

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Use NEO-REZ Black to:

  • Seal Seams
  • Repair Rips
  • Fill small holes
  • Retread Booties
  • Beef Up High Wear Areas
  • When plain seams sealed, makes cheap wetsuit like expensive taped seals
  • Kit Contains two tubes: NEO BOND edge bonding and Neo-Rez Black sealant


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