Slingshot 2020 Coaster XR Wakesurfer 5’0


The 2020 Slingshot Coaster XR Wakesurf Board is a small wave focused model built with Slingshot’s most advanced surf construction for a truly superior ride for heavier riders or smaller waves.

Last year Slingshot introduced the Coaster, a higher volume surf board designed to be ridden by heavier riders or on smaller waves. The 2020 Slingshot Coaster XR continues what was started last year bringing the thrilling experience of surfing the endless wave to everyone, regardless of wave size. Whether you are just getting started wakesurfing or simply have a boat that doesn’t throw a waist high wave, the Coaster XR wakesurf board is making it easier for riders to toss the rope in and start surfing.

Available in the XR version for an even better riding experience; Slingshot’s XR Series of wakesurfers is a high-performance version of the shape with a full carbon matrix overlay. The upgraded surf construction gives the board improved stiffness, responsiveness, and it looks way cool!

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This hybrid design is offered in a 5′ 0″ size for the XR high-performance version, giving riders lots of surface area in order to feed off the wave’s energy. A smooth, quick rocker line gives it quick acceleration to get in the wave’s sweet spot and the glide speed to stay right there. Mild rocker in the nose of the board prevents the rider from burying the nose while making turns. Its pin tail design lets it sit right in the wave’s pocket and will make it easy to start trying 360’s once you are ready for that. Comes standard with three 2″ fins and can be quickly reconfigured for a truly customized ride.

The Slingshot Coaster doesn’t play favorites, no matter the wave size or rider’s ability level, the Coaster is here for a good time, all the time.

2020 Coaster XR Wakesurf Board Features

  • Full Carbon Matrix Overlay
  • Large Surface Area
  • Mild Nose Rocker
  • EVA Deck Traction Pad
  • Fast Rocker Line
  • Pin Tail Design
  • Double Concave Hull
  • Three 2″ Symmetrical G10 Fins

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