Slingshot 2019 Gnarwhal Wakesurfer XR



  • Carbon Matrix Overlay
  • FCS II Fin Technology
  • Double Concave Hull
  • Fast Rocker Line
  • EVA Deck Traction Pad
  • Dual Cupped Rail Channels
  • Center Spine
  • Four 3.9″ FCSII Fins

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Slingshot took their already popular Gnarwhal surf style shape and made it available in an upgraded high-performance version. The Gnarwhal XR features a full carbon overlay and stringer to give it a sportscar like feel on the water. Fast, quick, and responsive.

Slingshot’s XR Series of wakesurfers is the BMW M Series equivalent of wakesurfing. Taking their already popular wakesurf boards, Slingshot further elevates the boards performance with their XR Series construction. The full carbon matrix overlay on the Slingshot Gnarwhal XR is much stronger, more reactive, and definitely more stylish than its generic version. Ride them side by side and the Gnarwhal XR will leave its predecessor in the dust. These boards are pushing the limits of what is possible.

A true surfer’s shape, the Slingshot Gnarwhal is a go-to option for those seeking a pure surf style board. Its wide tail shape feeds off the wave and harnesses that energy into serious speed. This makes it easier for surfers to catch the wave, stay in it, and even go big on some airs. Rides great on big waves but also thrives on smaller waves thanks to its impressive “push”.

A fast rocker line keeps this board fast on the water. A double concave hull assists riders in transitioning in and out of turns while its dual cupped rail channels give the board extra grip when digging deep into a turn. The flat snubbed nose prevents diving the nose when turning off the lip of the wave.

Equipped with the tool-less FCSII system, changing out the fin configuration is quick and easy. Ride it with the standard quad fin setup for more grip and hold on turns or ride it as a twin fin for a looser, more playful feel that will make spins easier.


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