O’Brien Vinyl Tube Repair Kit


Don’t know what to do with your damaged tube? Let the O’Brien Vinyl Tube Repair Kit do its job. This repair is really easy to use. It is self-adhesive so you don t need any glue or any complicated methods just place it on the damages part. It is perfect to use on scuba equipment, pipes, tubes, and PVCs that you used in the water. Rest assured that there’s no leak and your items are safe to use. For quick fixes on your water equipment, always have the O’Brien Vinyl Tube Repair Kit in your pack. Kit comes in a convenient plastic storage case and includes 6 patches.

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O’Brien Vinyl Tube Repair Kit Features:

  • Peel and Stick Repair Kit Included: Making it easy to mend any damages or tears in your gear quickly and efficiently.
  • Cut to Custom Size: Can be easily cut to a custom size, allowing you to tailor the repairs to fit the specific needs and dimensions of your equipment.
  • Self-Adhesive: Ensuring a hassle-free application and a strong, lasting bond for effective repairs.
  • Alcohol Swabs for Cleaning: Which are essential for cleaning and preparing the surface for optimal adhesion during the repair process.
  • Tube Accessory: This repair kit is ideal for fixing various tube accessories, providing a practical solution to maintain and extend the life of your water sports gear.

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