O’Brien High Pressure 12V Inflator Pump


Inflate your tube the easy way with this powerful, high-volume, 2.3 psi electric air pump. This O’Brien High Pressure 12V Inflator Pump easily connects to your boat or car battery to obtain maximum power for inflating large volume towable tubes and other inflatables. The high-volume output from this pump will quickly have your tube at its ideal pressure, so you can truly enjoy the ultimate performance out of it on the water. Packaged with a kink-proof hose and a wide variety of nozzles, you’ll have everything you need to spend less time filling and more time having fun.

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O’Brien High Pressure 12V Inflator Pump Features:

  • Durable, heavy-duty construction
  • Over 9′ long 12V DC power cord with alligator clips
  • Kink-proof hose
  • Quickly and easily inflates/deflates most inflatables
  • Includes a wide selection of nozzles
  • Recommended for inflating large towable tubes
  • Max. Pressure – Up to 2.3 psi

NB.  This product does not come with a wall outlet hookup, This product hooks directly to the battery of the boat

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