Mystic Extreme Kite Pump


By far the best pump to quickly inflate your kite, Mystic Extreme Kite Pump features a new Flex Hose which is ultra flexible and durable. With a longer body and high-airflow piston, this pump gets a lot of air into your kite in one go, meaning you can be on the water in no time. The Pump also has an integrated gauge meter for immediate measuring.

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Mystic Extreme Kite Pump Features:

  • Ergonomical handle
  • Capacity 2.9L, maximum pressure 13psi
  • Updated single/double stroke switch
  • Air filter on inlet, keeps out sand and dust
  • Longer body and high-airflow piston
  • Integrated gauge meter
  • Full option nozzle kit with bag (6pcs)
  • Super flex hose with screw connection

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