Masterline Waterski Rope Shock Tube


Masterline Waterski Rope Shock Tube – a vital component adhering to IWSF Tournament standards, meticulously designed to safeguard your boat and its occupants. This essential accessory serves as a protective barrier, effectively mitigating rope recoil while offering a layer of defense in scenarios involving an overloaded rope snapping back towards the boat.

Not only does the Masterline Waterski Rope Shock Tube enhance safety, but it also plays a pivotal role in shielding inboard motor boxes from rope-induced wear and tear. This versatile accessory is a must-have for both performance and protection.

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Masterline Waterski Rope Shock Tube Features:

  • Nylon Cover: Featuring a durable nylon cover for longevity.
  • Hollow Foam Core: With a hollow foam core, this Shock tube is lightweight yet sturdy.
  • 48” Long: Providing ample shock resistance and reach.
  • Heavy Duty Webbing Loop: Ensuring a secure attachment point.

*It is important to note that no product can completely stop the recoil of rope from a fallen skier who has overloaded the line. There is always a certain degree of risk associated with towing a skier who can potentially overload the tow rope and cause recoil of both the rope and the handle. Also, this shock tube will not prevent the handle from recoiling into the boat in extreme cases.

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