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Introducing the Masterline Barefoot Front Toe Handle – a pinnacle of design brought to life by the world’s foremost barefooters. This exceptional handle features a 15″ Team Handle, complemented by a fully encased bridle for unparalleled protection. The Masterline Barefoot handle’s structure is fortified by durable, rigid tubing that ensures optimal performance. The inclusion of a nylon/neoprene toe strap adds to the overall durability and comfort. Crafted to exceed expectations, this handle is your gateway to an extraordinary barefoot adventure. Dive in and let your barefooting aspirations take flight.

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Masterline Barefoot Front Toe Handle features:

  • Front Toe Harness with 5ft Length: With a 5ft braided spectra fusion rope, providing a secure foothold for your water adventures.
  • 15″ Brushed Rubber Handle: Offers a comfortable and reliable grip, ensuring you stay in control during your ride.
  • 10″ Floats: You’ll enjoy added buoyancy and increased visibility in the water.
  • 28mm Diameter Aluminum Core: The 28mm diameter aluminum core is not only sturdy but lightweight, making it ideal for your water sports.
  • Fabric Mouthpiece and Thick Neoprene Toe Strap: The fabric mouthpiece enhances comfort and durability, while the thick neoprene toe strap ensures a snug fit.
  • Rigid PVC Coated Design: Boasting a rugged and rigid PVC-coated design, built to withstand the rigors the sport.
  • Dual Low Drag Foam Floats: Minimize water resistance, allowing for a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

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