Kidder Strike Kneeboard

The Kidder Strike Kneeboard is fun for everyone.  Inexperienced kneeboard riders will have no worries with deep water starts with this stable and forgiving design.  In-built tow hook ready to just to hook up and go.

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Kidder Strike Kneeboard Features:

  • Rotomould Construction: Built with precision using the rotomould technique, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Single Lock Strap: The single lock strap offers a secure and customizable fit, enhancing safety and comfort during use.
  • Moulded Fins: Equipped with moulded fins, this equipment guarantees optimal control and stability on the water.
  • Fixed Handle Hook: The fixed handle hook feature contributes to efficient starts and enhanced overall performance.
  • Twin Tip Design: Embrace the benefits of a twin tip design, facilitating versatility and dynamic water maneuvers.
  • Swallow Tail: The swallow tail design further enhances agility and control, making it an ideal choice for versatile water activities.

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