KD Womens Adjustable Rear Toe Plate (RTP) Binding


KD Womens Adjustable Rear Toe Plate (RTP) Binding – The color of the RTP Women fits perfectly to all women’s water skis. Comes with a strong and easy to use lace lock. Utilizing a floating tongue design allows a variety of foot shapes to fit comfortably into the one sized rear toe. An extended overlay and single lace system locks the foot into place, providing maximum control. An all new scalloped foot bed and Lycra lined inner give comfort and support whether crossing the wakes for the first time or finishing off that shoreline pass you have been dreaming about all season.

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KD Womens Adjustable Rear Toe Plate (RTP) Binding Features:

  • Rear binding for slalom skis
  • Medium hard PU shaft
  • Single Lace lacing, comfortable footbed
  • Fiberglass reinforced base plate
  • Sizes: universal size

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