KD Missfire Kneeboard


The KD Missfire Kneeboard is built for the ladies to get their shred on with its gentle rocker design for a faint and forgiving pop that provide a smooth transition up the wake, as well as soft cushioned landings on the dual high-density pad that’s specially made to hug the rider’s knees and avoid bouncing around. The narrower profile means easier transitions from edge to edge and the hard rails make for a deeper edge hold through the wake. Full length channels and wide profile gives the board added stability. The board is lightweight and engineered to go big and have smooth landings. 


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KD Missfire Kneeboard Features:

  • Inserts in the tip for Additional Tow Hook
  • Single Locking Knee Strap
  • Moulded Kneepad
  • Full Length Base Channels
  • Symmetrical Tip & Tail
  • Durable TPU Material

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