Hydroslide Respect Kneeboard (demo)


Master the summer-time waves with the Hydroslide Respect Feathercore Kneeboard. You’ll be catching the wake in no time with this wide-profile kneeboard. Its fiberglass-wrapped shape cruises over the water while remaining sturdy against buffs and dings. With a 52-inch length and stiff-flex, the kneeboard gives higher lift for easy control over pops and tricks. The kneeboard’s extra-deep, EVA-foam cushioned knee wells and 3-inch padded strap gives you easy control and unrivaled comfort. Start having some summer fun in a new and unique way with the Hydroslide Respect Feathercore Kneeboard.

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  • Catch the wake on this wide-profile kneeboard
  • 52-inch-long kneeboard has a stiff flex and large surface area for greater lift
  • Fiberglass-wrapped and parabolic-shape cruises over the water
  • Control the kneeboard easily and comfortably with extra-deep knee wells made of shock-absorbing EVA foam
  • 3-inch padded strap keeps you comfortable and secure

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